Electronic Music Production Courses

Modules Covered

  1. Session View and Arrangement View
  2. Session View Interface
  3. An Introduction to Live Projects and Live Sets
  4. Live Library
  5. Live 9 Browser
  1. Audio Tracks and Clips in Session View
  2. Clip View Properties
  3. Clip Envelopes
  1. Warp Modes
  2. Wrap Markers
  3. Quantization
  4. Grooves and the Groove Pool
  1. Making an Arrangement with Session View Clips
  2. Editing in Arrangement View
  1. Creating beats with Ableton
  2. Creating a Chord Progression
  3. Creating bass lines
  4. Creating melodies, leads and pads
  5. Editing in Arrangement View
  1. Types of Audio Effects
  2. Insert Effects/Send Effects
  3. Master Track Effects
  4. Equalization (EQ)/Filter Modes
  1. Setting Up for Recording
  2. Recording in Session View
  3. Recording in Arrangement View
  1. Internal & External MIDI
  2. Setting Up MIDI Controllers
  3. Creating MIDI Clips
  4. MIDI Routing and Monitoring
  5. Instrument Racks
  6. Drum Racks
  7. MIDI Effects
  1. Max for Live Instruments
  2. Max for Live Audio Effects
  3. Max for Live MIDI Effects
  1. Mix Automation in Arrangement View
  2. Overriding Automation and the Re-enable Automation Button
  3. Mixing and Mix Automation Tips
  4. Master Track Plug-Ins
  5. Using Dither
  6. Exporting Your Mix
  1. Basics of how to approach Record labels
  2. How to prepare/send your demo links

Course Details

At SoundAbode Studio, Electronic music Production is considered as a serious profession and we believe that the one pursuing these courses will be the future music producers. We help them develop different techniques to take individual genre and understand its structure and sound design. From kicks, bass sounds to leads and atmospheres we help them with the understanding of sound synthesis and making new sounds from scratch. We also provide self help material to help understand different sound designs.

The goal of the Ableton Live Quick start program is to provide students with a foundation of fundamental skills and practices to use in their own productions using the software Ableton Live Suite version 9. By completing this course students should have a greater understanding of the interface and how to use Live as a production tool.

Ableton Live

Yamaha & KRK monitors

Scarlet and Motu sound interfaces

Novation Midi keyboards

Novation kontrol XL

A Course for Everyone

Bang For A Buck

This course is specially tailored keeping in mind the needs and limitations that the young minds have. We encourage new age music ranging from house, techno, future bass, d&b, psytrance and trap by encouraging trainees to learn different techniques of sound synthesis using DAWs.



Our school is a solution for families who would like to expose their children to the world of electronic music.

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Our courses help develop skills which helps young minds to pursue disk jockey and electronic music production, professionally. 

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We have programs for everyone. In addition to teaching electronic music to children, we instruct adults and seniors.

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Dr. Jwalant Chag

Soundabode is one the most happening dj coaching centre with a comprehensive learning course which will help you learn the most with one of the best DJ faculty available to teach you personally. You can also have your hands on the console to practice without any hassle and restrictions of time. A great place to be at if wanna learn mixing and production!

Prantik Bhattacharjee

I really am happy with the results I'm getting already. Trust me, you'll build yourself up a lot in here. It's so amazing to sit and produce new music with fellow producers. Everybody in here shares the same energy, so you can make up your mind to that state where you can work flawlessly!

Akshita Mohite

Abhinav sir is an amazing teacher and individually goes over every concept for the students and makes sure no stone is left unturned. Absolutely recommended for aspiring producers and DJs!!