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At SoundAbode, DJ’ing is considered a serious profession and we believe that the ones pursuing our DJ course are future musicians.

We help them develop different techniques to take individual tracks and mix them seamlessly to tell a story to their listeners.

The basic DJ training course is designed keeping in mind that the trainee is a complete beginner with little to no knowledge of DJ’ing.

All DJ courses at our DJ school in Pune, India also adds up to skillset of those with some experience already.

In Basic Dj Course we encourage trainees to use Native Instrument’s Traktor so that they can buy affordable midi controllers to practice the art form at home.

Afterall practice is the mantra to any art form and specially at Soundabode’s DJ school.

We offer almost all different midi controllers available in the market to practice in our dj academy, so that a trainee can decide which midi controllers fits their needs and budget.

  • To teach students how to mix, starting with a guide to the basic DJ formats available and then the essential and common controls you find in all setups.
  • Then, to go through each stage of the mixing process in greater detail.
  • This helps our trainees to have a good understanding of all the considerations and technical aspects of the whole process.
  • Then, to put everything together in several mixing examples, ranging from simple blends to more complex mixes using EQ dials and other effects.
  • Finally, to summarize everything that’s taught at our dj class and provide exercises to help students improve their basic DJ skills and understand the very foundations upon which music itself is created.
  • Native Instrument’s Traktor
  • Serato DJ
  • Pioneer Rekordbox
  • Pioneer DJ
  • Denon DJ
  • Allen & Heath Xone Mixers
  • Novation Control XL
  • Traktor S2
  • Traktor X1 & Z1
  • Allen & Heath Xone K2

Modules Covered

  • Responsibility and role
  • Brief intro to a DJ setup and wiring
  • Theory of beat matching and demonstration
  • Beat counting
  • How to cue a track
  • Dropping on first beat
  • Training your ears

This module of DJ training with Soundabode gives an outline of the different DJing formats available today.

The first module is a journey into the world of DJs and includes documentaries and other content for better understanding of history of DJ’ing and explaining how DJ’ing has changed over the years along with most popular trends now.

This module also helps understand how to cue tracks with various DJing formats because at Soundabode’s DJ school Pune we want to enable our trainees with complete understanding of all different considerations with all different hardware and software-based setups.

  • Understanding the visual aspects of a track
  • Beat Matching using tempo slider, nudging
  • Frequency and equalization
  • Fundamental controls & setups

Shows how to hook up the decks to a mixer and amp or speakers, and then explains the basic controls in this setup.

Also teaches some of the musical considerations when mixing, to help students better choose the right track to play and know when to mix it.

Topics covered include tempo, time signature and key, as well as swing or shuffle.

  • Camelot chart and harmonics fundamentals
  • Key clashes
  • Mixer effects
  • Effect routing and sends
  • HID mode for pioneer gear
  • Assigning midi maps for Native Instrument’s Traktor
  • Using different controllers like Allen & Heath K-2, Traktor controllers and novation.


  • Managing music on Pioneer Rekordbox
  • Importing keys and renaming using software
  • Importing, Analysing and Exporting final playlists on Traktor and Pioneer’s Rekordbox.
  • Beatport link is included in this course
  • 4 Deck mixing with 50 effects
  • configuring old and new laptops for quick and efficient results.
  • HID Mode with Pioneer DJ
  • Adding IOS to your mixes with Pioneer
  • Introduction to various different genres of music and their mixing techniques.
  • Advanced music exploration techniques.
  • Exposure to new far fetch styles of music and their sonic capabilities.
  • Help understand your artistic vision and taste in music.
  • Online & social media promotions through our various streaming channels and podcasts.
  • Free entries at our associated Venues.
  • Opportunity to perform live at one of our venues.
  • Recording at least 2 mixtapes of different styles.
  • Press releases & live streams.
  • Ethics & artist behaviour.
  • Essential tools and organising music.
  • DJ-sets using Ableton live
  • Prepping music for a gig
  • Understanding local music scene
  • Fixing Issues with CDJ setups
  • Common Traktor DJ issues
  • HID mode and controller issues
  • Beat-grid issues and problems in export cue points from one software to another
  • Defining your vision with sound
  • Creating Electronic press kit
  • Case studies of successful artists
  • Venue management and Residency
  • Creating at-least 3 different genre mixtapes
  • In-house press shots
  • Understanding venues, managements and guests
  • Artist behaviour, Ethics & Entitlements
  • Setting your DJ fee
  • Essential Entrepreneurship for artists
  • Making connections in the industry
  • Prepping music for a gig.
  • Recording your first mix.
  • Using the microphone
  • Music appreciation (understanding genres)
  • Essential tools for organising music
  • Seeking new music
  • Social media strategies and artist development
  • Writing your biography
  • Pitching to promoters
  • Introduction to the local scene

Details about Classes & Timings


Class schedule will be provided based on your chosen preference of weekday or weekend batches with practice time. At Soundabode’s DJ academy we offer unlimited practice time to finesse your art form



Serving as a mixer to meet other students, exchange ideas and learn other soft skills, along with designated master classes from guest faculty.

You’re now ready to deliver your first performance, if you’re not there’s always unlimited practice time and mentoring available to help you get there.


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A Course for Everyone

Bang For A Buck

Soundabode’s DJ course is specially tailored keeping in mind the needs and limitations that the young minds have. We encourage new age Djing techniques by encouraging trainees to learn software djing. To achieve this, trainees are required to have a laptop and headphones.

We advice our trainees to buy midi controllers to practice the art form at home.

Easy To Grasp

We use most industry standard softwares which are widely used by artists and djs throughout the world. Softwares provide visual aid to learners giving them a brief idea about beat matching, cueing techniques and equalizers.

These new age techniques are possible because of modern softwares and high speeding computing power that is easily available today. We proudly put all of this into use so that we at Soundabode can make the art of Djing simple yet effective for our trainees.

Short Duration

The simplicity of our basic DJ Course makes it fit in well to anyone’s busy schedule. Whether you are pre occupied with your studies or job, this course will easily fit in your schedule and will allow you to learn the art of Djing in no time.

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