Music Production / Audio Engineering Courses

Class Details

  • Music Appreciation (Understanding Genres)
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Artist Development
  • Releasing Your Music
  • Ear Training [SoundGym & Syntorial]
  • Studio Acoustics & Treatment [ISO Acoustics]
  • Introduction to Music Theory
  • Produce & Perform with Push 2

Class schedule will be provided based on your chosen preference of weekday or weekend batches with practice time.

Each trainee is given unlimited individual time other than the discussion forums and online assistance provided by our sound experts and trainers.

Course Details

At SoundAbode Studio, Electronic music Production is considered as a full time profession which requires a lot of involvement and dedication.

We believe that trainees pursuing our electronic music courses will be the future music producers.

We help them develop different techniques to take individual genre and understand its structure and sound design.

From kicks, bass sounds to leads and atmospheres we help them with the understanding of sound synthesis and making new sounds from scratch. We also provide self help material to help understand different sound designs.

The goal of these programs is to provide fundamental skills and create a very good foundation for our trainees.

By completing this course students should have a greater understanding of the interface and how to use DAWs as a production tool.

Ableton Live 11 + PUSH 2

  • Yamaha & KRK monitors
  • Scarlet and Motu sound interfaces
  • Novation Midi keyboards
  • Novation kontrol XL
  • Ableton Live PUSH 2
  • NORD LEAD 2x
  • Mother Moog 32
  • Arturia Drumbrute
  • Hypercardoid Microphones
  • Condensor Studio Microphones
  • Vocal cardoid Microphones

Internships & Associations

Students choosing complete course from Level 1 – 4 are given Diploma/ Degree in Audio/Sound Engineering.

These students get 4 months long internship with Soundabode in which they are given various projects by our clients from around the globe.

We have worked with many prestigious music production firms and recording houses. These projects help in making a good portfolio for all our trainees.

Music Production Courses

MODULE 1 – Induction Programme

  • Introduction to our Producer’s Community
  • Your Role as a Music Producer
  • Introduction to Concepts and Methods involved in Electronic Music Production
  • Rhythm, Melody & Harmony
  • Counting Beats & Bars
  • Essential Tools required for Music Production

MODULE 5 – Introduction to Mixing & Basic Synthesis

  • Mixing Techniques (Introduction to Basic DJ & Mixing)
  • Volume & Frequency Balancing
  • Panning & Stereo Balance
  • Introduction to Return Tracks
  • Introduction to Compression
  • Introduction to Basic Synthesis with Wavetable
  • Introduction to ADSR & LFO
  • MIDI Modulation within Instruments

Module 7 – Introduction to Plug-ins & Level 1 Conclusion

  • Using 3rd Party VST/AU Plug-ins with Live 11
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Exporting Projects
  • Introduction to Push 2
  • New Features with Live 11 & Push 2
  • Introduction to Virtual Studio Technology(VST) like Xfer Serum, NI – Massive, Arturia – Pigments & many more

Module 8 – Developing Crucial Music Producer Skills & Building Concrete Musical Ideas

  • Your Role as a Creative Producer/Mix Engineer
  • Organising Your Samples & Loops
  • Sample Organizers
  • Referencing Your Music
  • Ear Training & Active Listening Skills
  • Building & Nurturing Concrete Musical Ideas
  • Follow Actions in Session View
  • Linked/Unlinked Clip automations & modulation

Module 9 – Advanced Processing of Sound, Building Tension & Release and Use of Spatial Effects

  • Tuning Drum Samples
  • Layering Multiple Sounds
  • Adding Character, Warmth & Glue
  • Making Build-ups & Drops
  • Creating Space in Your Mix
  • Reverb, Delay & Echo in Detail
  • Using Convolution Reverb
  • Advanced Arrangement Techniques

Module 10 – Advanced Music Theory, Understanding & facilitating

  • Introduction to Musical Modes
  • Introduction to Advanced Harmony
  • Introduction to Controlling Dynamics
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Compression
  • Multiband Dynamics
  • Stereo Dynamics
  • We Provide multiple 3rd party digital synthesizers and effect units which are included in Soundabode’s Intermediate – pre degree course in Electronic Music Production

Module 11 – Building Device Racks, Advanced Sampling, Advanced Use of Plug-ins & Advanced Mixing & Synthesis Techniques

  • Building Your Own Audio/MIDI Effect Chains
  • Macro Controls, Chain List & Chain
  • Selector
  • Advanced Sampling Techniques
  • [Simpler/Sampler/The Mangle/Granulator]
  • Making Custom Grooves
  • Creating Instruments out of Samples
  • Sampler Key/Velocity/Sample Select Zone Editors
  • Creative 3rd Party Plug-ins & Devices
  • Setting Up Multitimbral Plug-ins
  • Introduction to Mastering
  • Mid/Side Processing
  • Channel Strips & Mixing Plug-ins
  • Creating Your First ‘Preset’ Bassline, Pad, Pluck, FX
  • Synthesizing Drums [Max For Live Devices]
  • Sonic Academy Kick 2, Anna 2, U-he’s Zebra & Diva, Sound Toys efx pack & Valhalla plugin pack.
  • Generative Techniques for Experimental Music
  • Humanizing Techniques

Module 12 – Max For Live Devices & Level 2 Conclusion

    • 3rd Party Max For Live Devices & Developments with Live 11 Packs.
    • Core Concepts of Max For Live.
    • Max For Live Instruments/MIDI Effects/Audio Effects.
    • Tips & Tricks.

Module 13 – Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere & Keyscape

  • Understanding Routing.
  • Omnisphere sound synthesis.
  • Spectrasonic with Ableton live & other DAWs.
  • Omnisphere preset banks, Effect routing and LFOs.
  • Spectrasonic Omnisphere Envelope Generator and Step Sequencer.
  • Making a complete track with Omnisphere.
  • Background music scoring, music for advertisement and making audio effect.

Module 14 – Sound Design, MODULAR synthesis & VCV rack

  • Your role as a Sound Designer.
  • Current synthesis methods (Analog + VSTs).
  • Signal flow in an analog synth.
  • Understanding body and timbre of a sound.
  • Using your own voice as an instrument.
  • Wavetable synthesisers.
  • Advanced : Mod Matrix & Modulation.
  • iOS based Instruments.
  • Techniques on making happy mistakes.
  • Modular Synthesis with Reaktor 6.
  • Semi modular synthesis using Xfer Serum.
  • Signal path and flowchart of modular synths.
  • Modular Components : VCO/VCF/CV/GATE etc.
  • Generative Sound Synthesis using VCV Rack

Module 14 – Native Instrument’s Kontakt player

  • Native Instrument’s Kontakt player usage and sound processing.
  • More than 100 Kontakt libraries to fit all music production, movie scoring and EFX needs.
  • Signal flow in Kontakt player(Explained for each library provided by Soundabode Academy)
  • Using Field Recorded Sound libraries
  • Understanding body and timbre of a sound
  • Creative uses: Compressors / EQs
  • Modular Synthesis with Reaktor 6
  • Signal path and flowchart of Kontakt player
  • Building a patch using NI Kontakt players.
  • Introduction to Kontakt external instrument racks for background scores.
  • Understanding Kontakt player & library

Module 16 – Techniques involved in Mixing music

      • Fixing peaks in musical composition (Levelling)
      • Choosing the right sounds in a group
      • Spectral analysis to find defective spots in a track & fixing them using compression, pan, and filters.
      • Role of Multiband Dynamics for a better mix
      • Choosing different ways to give a proper stereo image to your music.
      • Fixing last stage issues with audio stems, checking for the problem areas and cleaning noise and other artifacts using spectral de-noise.
      • Audio enhancements using Ozone Isotope’s RX 7 
      • Vocal enhancements using Ozone Isotope’s Nectar 
      • Detailed explanation and practical knowledge given on De-Esser, De-Noise, De-Reverb, Dialogue Contour & Interpolation of sound.
      • Advanced music and Vocal enhancement techniques like Music Rebalance, Audio Spectral Repair, Breath Control & Ambience Matching.

Module 17 – Music Mastering Using multiple techniques along with various hardware & Software

      • Your role as mixing & mastering engineer.
      • Detailed use of Ozone Izotope.
      • Signal flow & routing to achieve perfect mastering.
      • Use of Dynamic Equaliser, Imager & Spectral Analyser for mastering.
      • We provide multiple famous digital Limiter units to all our trainees which include several limiters from Waves series along with Ozone limiters and few other famous limiter units.
      • Understanding Dither in detail with different dither techniques.
      • Understanding how to normalize your final track before exporting.
      • Understanding Phase and Signal generator for Ozone Izotope.
      • Understanding Variable Time & Variable Pitch.
      • Getting to use De-Clip, De-Click, De -Bleed & De-Cracle to improve Vocal mix.

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This course is specially tailored keeping in mind the needs and limitations that the young minds have. We encourage new age music ranging from house, techno, future bass, d&b, psytrance and trap by encouraging trainees to learn different techniques of sound synthesis using DAWs.

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Harsh Kalway
Great experience!!!
Knowledgable and passionate teachers!
Probably the best one in Pune!!!!
Harsh Kalway a.k.a StarBoi
DJ Veby
This is one of the best studios to start your Dj courses. Abhinav is just an amazing mentor, very supportive and will guide throughout your journey. I’ve had a wonderful and fun experience, enjoyed every moment and looking forward to continue with my advance courses.
Vaibhavi Naik
Dr. Jwalant Chag

Soundabode is one the most happening dj coaching centre with a comprehensive learning course which will help you learn the most with one of the best DJ faculty available to teach you personally. You can also have your hands on the console to practice without any hassle and restrictions of time. A great place to be at if wanna learn mixing and production!

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